The Last of Us – Demo

The Last of Us


So much anticipation has been going around about this game. From the actual release, to it being pushed back, plus the forth coming demo that everyone seems to want. Rejoice everyone, today is the day. The demo has been released, but only if you have God of War: Ascension.

The level that we get to play is called Outskirts. The main character you get to control is of course, Joel. He is supported by two other characters, Ellie (the young girl) and Tess. The demo starts out just outside of a downtown city. As you make your way around the city and through some collapsed buildings, you must scavenge the areas to find items to help you survive, craft, heal and use as offensive attacks.

First thing that I notice about the game play was how “cloudy” the city was. It could just have been a “fog” type of approach but I found myself trying to refocus my eyes while playing. Every picture I have seen made the game look real crisp, clean and vibrant looking. This wasn’t the case with the demo. It was, dare I say, unpolished looking. I personally would have liked if it started out clear and then got the fog aspect to the game when you get closer to the city. Just a personal preference though.

Moving Joel felt sluggish. Even when sprinting, it was more like a fast walk then anything. He didn’t really have much speed to him. When in combat, he felt like he was running faster. Not sure if it was just me, but there did seem to be a slight difference.

Combat was fast and exciting. There were two hand guns you could use and two different types of melee weapons as well. The hand guns are quite loud and attract the nearby enemies. When using a melee weapon you can get away with a more stealth approach. It still makes enough noise that if an enemy is within ear shot of it, they come a running. Your best bet is to use the stealth approach and try to take out each enemy one by one.

As I stated before, I was able to use two guns. My first gun ran out of ammo quickly (only had 6), so I decided to switch to the other gun while enemies where running at me. Bad idea. The game does not pause while you are in your “inventory” screen. Joel squats down and rummages through his backpack while the enemies are still coming at you. If you need to switch weapons, or even heal yourself, get to a safe place to choose what you want to do.

There is even crafting in the game. I was able to craft two different items, a health pack and a knife type item (forget the actual name of it). This is used to kill the infected when they get a hold of you. There are some very fast quick time button presses in the game. I didn’t have any troubles with any of them not registering. Everything worked just smoothly.

If you happen to picked up GOW: Ascension, then go ahead, place the disc in and grab the demo. Just make sure that you are signed into The Playstation Network to unlock the demo. I was a dumbass and figured I could just throw the disc in and then go to the PSN and grab the demo. I had to be signed in first in order for it to show up on the main menu of the game. The demo itself is only about 132MB, if I remember. It is a fairly quick download.

I might have over hyped myself waiting to get home to download and play this demo all day. In the end, I wasn’t all that thrilled with it. I am not saying that it was terrible, just not what I was expecting and wanting. Probably more of my fault then anything. The “cloudy” look and the slower movement really killed my hype in the first few seconds of game play. I am still really looking forward to receiving my Post Pandemic version of the game and devoting my free time to it.

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