The Walking Dead – Review



I am going to receive a lot of comments about this game. Some of them will hate me and maybe some will agree me. Some of you might even think that I’m stupid and that I lost some credibility because of this. At the end, this is what I thought of it.

The Walking Dead, was boring.

Before I get judged, let me explain my reasons for this.

There are a couple of things that really got me frustrated with the game. The first is how slow you walk. There was a lot of walking in this game. To be honest, most of it was walking around. It wouldn’t have been so bad if you could even jog just a small amount. I was beginning to very much dislike each area that I had to explore in to find certain items. Walking back and forth from one side of an area to the other was such a chore. Trying to get away from Zombies was another tedious task. Instead of feeling like you were in a hurry or hear your heart rate increase, you just take a leisure stroll to get away. There was some “action scenes” where you have to fight your way off of a Zombie. Either by smashing the X button, then followed by either hitting one of the other action buttons, once.

The other thing that really bothered me the most was the constant freezing the game did. It seemed like every area that loaded the game would freeze for a few seconds before playing once again. There was times when the game would freeze, a few seconds later I could hear the dialog being played but the scene would not change until a few seconds later. A couple of times I came really close to rebooting my PS3 before the game picked back up. It really took away the entire experience of playing the game.

There are a few points to the game that I did like, especially the story mode. Some of the decisions you had to make was tough to do. Would it be best for the group or to help yourself? Do you want to be one-sided or try to make the entire group trust you? Do you want to protect a single person or just put up with them?  Whatever your decisions are they do effect the game later on. There was a few times where I had to rewind the game simply because I didn’t like the outcome of a decision that I made.

With all the hype this game has gotten I really don’t see it. Yes it was a decent game even with the problems that it has. What helps keep everything going is the story. While it may not be gripping or earth shattering, it does keep you going. I will admit that I never seen the show or read the comic. I went into this game with high expectations from the reviews and mentions of it being a game of the year candidate. It left me with a sense of disappointment.

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