Xbox One Press Conference



With that out of the way what did I think of the new Xbox. I have one question. Does it actually play games? I heard that games will be on it, but I didn’t actually see any real game play. Only thing that I saw was CG trailers of a very small amount of games. I thought the Xbox was a game console, not a multimedia machine. I have one of those already, it’s called my computer. Currently, I am typing this on my first screen in Word and have Firefox opened as well. On the second screen, I have the Yankees game playing with my notes from the press conference opened. If I really wanted to I can place a Blu-ray in my computer and watch that at the same time. Look at that, I just got an email in Outlook too. Guess what, I don’t need three operating systems to do this.

Let’s take a look at those three operating systems.

The first one is used for “cinematic realism” and “delve deep into the hardware”. So what I am getting out of this is that the graphics portion of the games (or multimedia) will come from this. It also sounds like some drivers will be stored here to run the graphical hardware on the machine. I can see keeping the graphics portion separate from everything else to ease up on the actual CPU to calculate other things, but the need for an entire operating systems for it, over kill. No need for it. Graphical problems with arise with this. From tearing, to freezing and maybe even distortion.

The second operating system will hold the kernel of Windows. Did I hear him right, Windows. As in Windows 8, from the looks of it. This is just asking for problems. Hey Microsoft, ever heard of BSOD (Blue Screen of Death). Mark my words on this, it will happen. To turn the system off, do we need to go back to the Metro screen (Home), place our hand in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, to bring up a sub menu, to turn the console off? Can we just say Xbox Off at any point? Or just wait for it to Blue Screen, flip it off, then walk away from it. I am very suspicious about this. Maybe Microsoft finally found the fix for the RROD, just replace it with a BSOD.

The third operating system is supposed to bring everything together. So what you’re saying is this is a band-aid to cover up a huge hole in the operating system. Microsoft couldn’t get the first two to work together correctly (imagine that) so they decided to make a third and bridge it. Tell me how this is not going to confuse the CPU. No wonder the Xbox One will have an 8 Core CPU. It’s going to need it to keep everything organized, and hopefully running.

This makes me wonder. Is the first operating system the actual true OS and the others are just merely Virtual OS’s running on top of the first one. I feel really apprehensive about how stable this console is going to be. I can’t wait to see how many consoles have frozen, or BSOD, in Kioks in stores.

Smart Glass, really, are you kidding me. I am not going to use my phone or tablet to turn on my Xbox. Isn’t that what the power button is for? I am not even going to go into this. No thank you.

Practically silent operation. See the key work there, practically. Not silent but not hair dryer noisy like the 360. It is somewhere in between. From the screen shots I posted earlier, it looks like the fan will be right at the top of the console. Is the fan pulling cool air in and sending it over the electronics, or will it be like the 360 and try to pull heat off? I never liked the 360 cooling system as I still believe that was a good part of the problem with the RROD. Hopefully, Microsoft learned their lesson and allowed the fan to pull in the cooler outside air and blow it across the electronics. My question now is, what is cooling the other side, under the Blu-ray drive.

Personally I think the design of the new system is just, I won’t say terrible, but it is not the best. It really does remind me of a VCR and Betamax machine blended into one. It reminds me of something that came from the 80’s. Maybe it will look better turned on and lights are light up. Right now it is just way too bland looking.

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