Xbox One Bombshell


There was big news that came from the Xbox camp today. I have say after reading that I was about floored. What the hell is Microsoft really thinking about here? I will pull out a couple excerpts, from Microsoft to remind you, and give my thoughts on them. First the link to the actual article.

Quote 1:

“With Xbox One you can game offline for up to 24 hours on your primary console, or one hour if you are logged on to a separate console accessing your library. Offline gaming is not possible after these prescribed times until you re-establish a connection, but you can still watch live TV and enjoy Blu-ray and DVD movies.”

According to this quote I am not allowed to play a game, offline, after 24 hours. If I am playing a game, from my own library, at a friend’s house, while signed into my account, I can only play for an hour. Basically, my game, that I own, that I paid my hard earned money on, turns out to be a demo.

Geez, thanks Microsoft, for not allowing me do what I want to do.

In theory, this means that the Xbox One will not have to constantly connect to the internet. When in fact, it will have to be online once every 24 hours. To do what, authenticate I am who I am. To check the serial number on the console. To check the software license on the disk.

But hold on here. I can still watch live TV and enjoy a movie of my choosing. Thank you so much Microsoft for allowing me to at least do that.

Quote 2:

“because every Xbox One owner has a broadband connection”

How in the hell does Microsoft know that I have a broadband connection? There are still a lot of people out there who have only dial up service for their internet needs. There are also people, like my neighbor, who has satellite internet through their provider.

What I am taking out of this, is that if you don’t have a broadband connection, that your shiny new Xbox One will just be a brick. This is really ridiculous.

Where I live, we can have storms that come through here that can last up to two or three days. You can always bet that sometime, during that time frame, the cable will go out. Now it may only be out for a few hours, but sometimes it can be out for a full day or even more. What does this mean about my offline gaming. Will I not be allowed to play offline? For example, I am playing a game offline and then I lose my internet connection at about 10pm. It does not come back on until a full day and a half later. Which means to me, that the internet connection will come back on while I am at work. Once I finally get home, it could be 36 hours, or more, from when the Xbox One was online. During that internet down time, will I still be able to play offline, or does the Xbox One turn into a paperweight. When my 24 hours is up, does the system just close your game, or does it just stop playing and alert you that your time is up? If that is the case, I can see some modder turning the chassis into a coin-op arcade cabinet.

I bought my own Cable Modem. Reason is, I couldn’t see giving my provider a few extra bucks, each and every month, to “rent” their cable modem. Now the biggest problem with that is, if it stops functioning, then I have to replace it. I can’t just call my provider and have them replace it with another one of their own equipment. There are a lot of people who have a wireless router/modem in their house. When that goes bad, it may be a day or two before they get even the chance to replace it. It may be time or a money issue. Either way, they could be without internet for a few days. During that time I can only play my Xbox One for 24 hours. After that it becomes a Hockey Puck.

Quote 3:

“your friends and family, your guests and acquaintances get unlimited access to all of your games. Anyone can play your games on your console–regardless of whether you are logged in or their relationship to you.” The company added that “Xbox One is designed so game publishers can enable you to give your disc-based games to your friends. There are no fees charged as part of these transfers. There are two requirements: you can only give them to people who have been on your friends list for at least 30 days and each game can only be given once.”

Wait a minute here. I can lend my game out to a friend, but only once. After that, no one else can play it. Hold on though. Have you been on my friends list for 30 days. No. Well then, no game for you.

Sounds like Microsoft is doing a spin off from the Soup Nazi scene in Sienfeld. Maybe they are trying to coin the phrase “Game Nazi”. That is exactly what they are turning into. Really, what difference does it make, if I lend my game out to someone else. There have been a few games, that I would not have even thought about purchasing, if it wasn’t for borrowing it first from a friend.

Is the work around this is to install the game on an external HDD and then bring that over to your friend’s house? It is still on the same HDD. Does the game read the serial of the console, that the external HDD is plugged into and try to match it up with what it was originally played on?

At this point, why didn’t they just put an Infrared reader into the grips of the new controller. That way, if the controller senses that it is not your hand holding it, then it will not allow the console to play a game. It would allow you to watch TV or a movie. Of course this isn’t in the controller, but at this point, they might as well implement it.

Quote 4:

“loaning or renting games won’t be available at launch, but we are exploring the possibilities with our partners.”

According this statement, Microsoft is giving companies, like GameFly, the giant middle finger. They are also extending that finger to local mom and pop movie/game rental businesses.

They are exploring the possibilities. Is this like a place holder until they get around to working on this? How long will the possibilities take, a month, a year, maybe even longer? I really don’t see Microsoft making many friends with rental businesses in this coming generation. They are going to have to come up with some kind of heavy incentive to mend the broken fences they are laying down.

Quote 5:

“After signing in and installing, you can play any of your games from any Xbox One because a digital copy of your game is stored on your console and in the cloud. So, for example, while you are logged in at your friend’s house, you can play your games.”

Hold on here. Wasn’t it just a few lines ago they stated that you can only play your game for an hour while signed onto another console. Now this sounds like you can play your game for as long as you want. Which one is it Microsoft, one hour or forever how long you want? Is it just me or didn’t they just contradict themselves here.

Quote 6:

“If you don’t want the Kinect sensor on while playing games or enjoying your entertainment, you can pause Kinect.”

Once again, does Microsoft like to contradict themselves? Wasn’t it at the Press Conference they stated that the Kinect will have be on at all times for the console to work correctly. Now they are saying you can turn it off while playing games or doing anything with the console.

What is this now, in the exact same paragraph.

“Some apps and games may require Kinect functionality to operate, so you’ll need to turn it back on for these experiences.”

So I do have to have it on, for some games. How confusing will that be to figure out. I bet before too long Microsoft will make it mandatory that Kinect will have to be included in every game. When that happens, gaming quality, and controls, will start to degrade.


The more I hear about this console, plus the more I understand about it, the more I really am starting to dislike it. Microsoft is starting to monopolize how we will be able to interact with the Xbox One. It ws bad enough they had their own special Wireless USB card and proprietary HDD on the 360. Now they are trying to control everything that will make the Xbox One work, including software.

With it running on three operating systems, how many kernel problems, that will lead to Blue Screens of Deaths, are going to pop up. I really hope that Microsoft is smart enough to add in a restore option into a partition of the internal HDD. That way we can boot to that partition and basically reload the three different operating systems. If they don’t, we might see the successor to the RROD

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